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Your backyard is an extension of your home for you to enjoy and relax in. However, sometimes it may not feel that way if there’s no barrier between you and other neighbors. While some like the feeling of a wide-open backyard, others prefer to create an outdoor oasis with an element to provide some privacy from others.

While homeowners often opt for a fence, privacy landscaping plants are becoming a popular and elegant choice for backyards big or small. If you’re considering privacy plants as an option for your yard, here’s what you need to know.

Privacy Plants Vs. Privacy Fence

For homeowners looking for a little extra privacy in their backyard, you have plenty of options. Privacy fences are a common option. Depending on the materials you choose, you could be spending between $7 and $15 dollars per linear foot for materials alone. Fencing can fit into a small, narrow space making it a great barrier between smaller yards and they are fairly low maintenance compared to plants.

Privacy plants, such as hedges or tall grass, are extremely versatile and environmentally friendly. You can reduce noise and pollution with a privacy plant installation. They also add a unique touch to any yard as there are so many plant varieties available. However, they do require maintenance and upkeep, such as watering and trimming. The average cost to maintain trees and shrubs is $416, with most homeowners spending between $245 and $462.

Both are great options and it truly comes down to what works best in your yard. While privacy fences work great in smaller yards, tall grasses and bamboo can also be a great fit for narrow areas. Explore both options to see what’s right for you.

Fast Growing Privacy Plants

In most cases, you’ll be transplanting a tree, shrub or hedge that’s already begun growing to start your privacy landscaping. To grow plants appropriately, you’ll also want to ensure you’re in a proper zone for them to thrive. After all, you would not want to invest in landscaping that does not fare well in colder climates where only cold-hardy plants can survive. If speed is your concern, here is a list of fast growing privacy plants:

  • Arborviate
  • Cypress
  • Pencil Holly
  • White Spruce
  • Areca Palm Tree
  • Boxwood
  • Bamboo
  • Planting Bamboo For Privacy

    Bamboo is an excellent choice for a plant privacy. Bamboo is a fast-growing privacy plant with cold weather-hardy options that can last through temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit. However, bamboo is an invasive plant, though some species are more easily controlled than others. Bamboo can grow up to 15’ tall and is narrow enough to fit in smaller yards. If you’re feeling like adding an exotic touch to your backyard, bamboo is the answer.


    Privacy Hedge Plants

    For a look of sophistication, hedge plants are the answer. Tall hedges are the perfect way to reduce noise from traffic or neighbors and maintain your outdoor oasis. However, hedges tend to grow slowly and require regular maintenance. Privacy hedges come in a variety of heights. Check with your local code to see how high they can be in your area before they’re considered overgrown.


    Planting Shrubs For Privacy

    Similarly, to hedges, shrubs are a great way to gain a little extra privacy in your yard. But, as they don’t tend to grow as high, they take a bit less maintenance. Shrubs help to block out unwanted noise, but may not prevent as much privacy as a higher option. Evergreen shrubs will provide a year-round option for privacy, while others are deciduous, meaning they will love their leaves and flowers in the fall. For a little bit of color, hydrangeas and lilac shrubs are a beautiful barrier that you’re sure to enjoy.


    Best Trees To Plant For Privacy

    If you have a larger yard and are looking for a bit of privacy, trees are a beautiful way to screen out unwanted noise and eyes. In addition, it’s also great for the environment. Many homeowners who opt for trees to improve outdoor privacy typically choose a type of evergreen tree due to their hardiness and ease of care. Arborvitae and cypress trees are a common choice as they grow tall and are a stylish touch year-round.


    Tall Plants For Privacy

    Ornamental grasses and vines can be less costly than larger options but still give the desired amount of privacy. However, some of these options can spread quickly so keep an eye on them if you’re planting them directly into the ground. For additional height, consider growing them in a pot or container.